Sunday, 29 December 2013

Thankyou notes - Free Printable

Here is a link to a brilliant little pdf I found on Pinterest for helping children to write thank you notes. You can just go to the page and print it out. Voila! 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cherry Cake

Cherry cake - my new invention. My freezer is stuffed full of cherries from our trees and I've discovered that cooking them in a little sugar and popping it below the cake mix in the tin makes a delicious sponge cake. Everyone is loving it.

Getting in the festive mood!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

1st Sleepover

So, I've survived the first sleepover at our house. 

Arranged by my eldest daughter, who's seven, and her best friend from school. A lot happened. They ate a lot of popcorn (including playing that game where you throw it up into the air and then try catching it in your mouth) watched disney films, made pizza, painted toenails in glittery nail polish, crimped hair, put on both a dance and a magic show for the cat, spoke french the whole time as obviously Miss B's friend doesnt speak any English, baked cupcakes and of course stayed up very late...they had an awesome time. (I'm exhausted!)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Liberty Baby Bonnet

As I seem to be having a love fest for all things Liberty at the moment I thought I would share this gorgeous baby bonnet tutorial from Purl Bee. You can find it here. Beyond cute and perfect to make in time for Christmas.

Back here, another present bag for a friend's son managed to get finished today. Love this Japanese car fabric.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Make mine a Pina Colada....lip balm?

I've just discovered Sweet Cecily's online shop and their lovely Pina Colada and Mojito lip balms. 
What a perfect little pick me up on a cold winters day and a brilliant stocking filler. Find them here.

 Oh, and the Sea Buckthorn and Frankincense night cream looks jolly nice too.......

Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Craftiness

I've been making drawstring bags with names on to give as christmas presents. That way I can wrap up lots of goodies in tissue paper to put inside. Plus I think they will look quite pretty under friends christmas trees.

My eldest daughter has been really keen to make her teachers a gift for Christmas this year. After some discussions on what the gift should be we decided on fabric lavender hearts (the most important thing seemed to be that she got to use my sewing machine in the making part!) She is planning on wrapping them up with some chocolates - Super cute. I think her teacher and lunch ladies are going to love it.

The first one turned out well. Five more to go.

Elsewhere, I'm making stocking filler bags to hang on the mantlepiece. Last year we used shop bought stockings but they didn't really hold all that much so my husband suggested I make the children a bag each with their name on. One down, two to go.

P.S.You might notice the Liberty theme in the fabric! I just LOVE the stuff. x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

That was November......

It's been absolutely crazy here in November and I've been a rubbish blogger. It's mainly due to this monster - the Dining room.

Its taken up all of my spare time painting out the nasty peach for chic grey. Big French houses are lovely but when it comes to painting rooms, especially ones with mouldings, it's a bit of a Herculean task. You can get an idea of the scale by the photo. This is proper scaffolding we have had to put up to paint to ceiling as we don't have a ladder big enough to reach it. I've been on a mission for the past week and slowly I'm getting somewhere.

So here's a round up of November......baking, lots of birthday parties, making of Christmas tree decorations, eating local oysters, and quite a lot of boring painting and curtain making.....more crafty stuff on its way soon I promise...