Saturday, 26 April 2014

Easter holidays Part 1

We've had two lots of friends staying with their kids over the Easter weekend. Plenty of fun, games (turns out the minimum age for rounders is definitely over 8 and lizards can be preserved in jars of olive oil....don't ask) and of course we had a big egg hunt. However, I was so busy with catering and general child watching (we were out numbered 7 to 6) that I forgot to take any photos. You will just have to trust me, it was a riot.

Now it's school Easter holidays for us here in France. The first week has consisted of :

taking off and processing 20lbs of honey from the big hive.

Toad rescue

After a good hour of being observed in a tuppaware box the children released him by the pond.

We've had some beautiful weather.

Outside No.2 & No.3

The girls getting messy in the garden planting out the broad beans.

And Ambrose has decided Easter bonnets can be worn after the big weekend. Infact, he likes it so much he has worn it to bed a couple of times.

Monday, 21 April 2014

1950s Bonbons tin

I love this tin. I bought it at a local brocante over the weekend. It's huge and I only paid a euro for it!