Sunday, 13 January 2013

MAKE: What to do with kids drawings?

The children are always presenting me with lovely little drawings. Special things that capture a thought or  something they wanted to express. I love these little treasures but its got to the point where there is simple no space left in my purse, diary or noticeboard for any more. Throwing them away just seems wrong (and if I get caught they would be pretty upset) So what to do with them? I started to keep a few of the most precious ones in a box. I then invested in a cheap laminator and made some fantastic bookmarks. I hole punched most of them and then plaited some leftover wool to make them even more pretty. Really simple and it only took half an hour, start to finish.

Bookmarks are something I ALWAYS mark pages in cookery books, crafty magazines etc and I normally rip up scraps of paper to do the job. Not any more.......

I've put an old shoebox on my bookshelf to collect the kids drawings in and plan to make a few bookmarks every time the pile starts to get too big. Great!

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