Monday, 14 October 2013

Trick or treating - Two really simple costumes

Everybody loves a bit of trick or treating so here a couple of brilliant easy costumes for kids that won't break the bank too.

The first one.......

Mime artist

All you need is a stripey t-shirt, dark trousers/leggings and some basic facepaints.
Its really simple but really effective.

The second one......

A Cat costume

This requires a little more planning. You can pick up one of these costumes new from Tescos or Asda for a few pounds or find one on ebay (I've found loads of great costumes here sometimes only costing 99p) 
Facepaints make this outfit pop and are a great investment as they last for ages. My kids use our set virtually every weekend and after a year they are still going strong.

(Tip: Draw green cats eyes on the eyelids for extra scare value!)

Finally, no costume is complete without somewhere to stash the all important treats. 
I made these cute Bats from a baked bean tin. 

To make them: 

You will need. A tin. Washi tape. A 30cm piece of black string (I used wire string) White, Black, Orange, Pink acrylic paint and thin brushes. Black Card. Glue Gun.

1. Clean out the bean tin and paint it black.
2. Fold a piece of black card in half and draw one wing. 
Cut through both pieces of card open. Stick the wings to the back of the tin using the glue gun.
3. Attach the Washi Tape to the rim to avoid sharp edges cutting hands.
4. Paint the bat face as shown above.
5. Punch two holes near the rim and attach the string. 
6.Voila! Now time to scare the neighbours........

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