Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Craftiness

I've been making drawstring bags with names on to give as christmas presents. That way I can wrap up lots of goodies in tissue paper to put inside. Plus I think they will look quite pretty under friends christmas trees.

My eldest daughter has been really keen to make her teachers a gift for Christmas this year. After some discussions on what the gift should be we decided on fabric lavender hearts (the most important thing seemed to be that she got to use my sewing machine in the making part!) She is planning on wrapping them up with some chocolates - Super cute. I think her teacher and lunch ladies are going to love it.

The first one turned out well. Five more to go.

Elsewhere, I'm making stocking filler bags to hang on the mantlepiece. Last year we used shop bought stockings but they didn't really hold all that much so my husband suggested I make the children a bag each with their name on. One down, two to go.

P.S.You might notice the Liberty theme in the fabric! I just LOVE the stuff. x

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