Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pink Parcel

I was very excited to receive my first skein of BFL wool from the Natural Dye Studio. I signed up to their Rainbow Club at the end of last year and each month they will be sending me a part of the rainbow. Yay! January is pink and its fabulous. 

Now comes the decision of what to make? I'm considering keeping it simple and knitting a blanket. Nice and easy and when the wool arrives I can knit a few rows, watch it grow and put it away until the next month. Normally I would get bored and and said throw would morph into a cot blanket and then end up being a cushion but I'm hoping the 'not knowing whats coming next' element will keep me interested. Plus its nice to have a project to work on for the whole year.

(Back in the kitchen the fruit bowl appears to be overflowing with different types of oranges, lemons and grapefruit. It must be marmalade time...... who said January's were dull)

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