Saturday, 26 January 2013

PomPom Garland

Yesterday I finished a pompom garland for one of the girls bedrooms. It was designed to hang from the bedposts but when I tied it on I had a bit of a Mummy panic and worried that a six year old had the potential to get tangled in it in the middle of the night. A remote chance but Mummy's worry so I decided to hang it over a a picture instead.

I've also painted one of the kitchen doors with blackboard paint. I'm hoping it will help my daughter with her french spellings (and help me in the process!) Anyway, the spellings have taken over so another door may have to be painted for shopping lists. Note to self: Blackboard paint is slightly addictive.....

Finally, Friday baking was Lemon Curd cakes. I discovered a lonely jar of lemon curd on the English shelf in the supermarket and couldn't resist. I baked the cakes with a basic vanilla sponge and then injected (all very Frankenstein but turns out very simple) the lemon curd for a gooey centre. Have a great weekend.

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