Friday, 4 January 2013

Spring bulbs

The internet and our telephone line have been dodgy all week. All very annoying and it has meant no phone calls to my mum back in England (we talk almost every day). So its been very quiet.

Anyway, I have been busy planting bulbs in the new cut-flower garden. 500 bulbs planted and still more to do. I know its very late for putting them in and I should have done it back in November but the wet weather meant we couldn't rotovate the old vegetable patch and then a trip to England put the bulb planting back even further. 

I picked up this large enamel bowl for 50cents (40p) at a brocante before Christmas and did get round to planting it up. It looks great now they are all coming through. Spring must be just around the corner, right? Maybe a little optimistic, it is only the 4th January.....

Apart from planting bulbs I've started on a pair of curtains for one of the girl's bedroom. I wanted to make them entirely out of the Ian Mankin stripe (shown above) But as the windows have a 3 metre drop the price was so horrendous I have had to go with just a border at the bottom and paired it with a plain linen. So far so good......I will post a photo once they are finished. Bon Weekend!

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