Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Muesli Cereal Bars

The kids love these cereal bars and the great news is they are really easy to make (and healthy too!) 

Empty a packet of muesli into a bowl. The secret is choose a nice one with not too much sugar - we have a locally made organic one here in France but to give you an example Dorset Cereals are a good choice. Anyway, empty into the bowl. Melt 200g of butter in a pan and combine. Spoon out into flattened cupcake cases and leave to cool in the fridge. Tie with a little piece of raffia to hold it all together. Beautiful and delicious. Yum! Happy Wednesday.


  1. Hello,
    I tried these out on Friday and they were lovely. Didn't last long, will have to make again!! Thank you for the recipe

  2. So glad to hear you enjoyed them! Thanks for letting me know :)