Friday, 5 April 2013

New cake book alert

I keep being sent annoying little reminders from Amazon about books I might like. Mostly they go into my trash but this book stood out.
I've been experimenting with making my cakes healthier for a few months now. I started with the changing the sugar to stevia, then read a horrible article about how stevia damages your liver and that your body can't really cope with this much fructose. Suddenly the cake didn't taste all that good anymore. 
Then I went back to the drawing board and swapped the nasty white refined sugar for whole canne organic. It's good but when it comes to cakes it has it limits. Not wanting to sound too much like Mary Berry it can make them a little on the dense side and sometimes the taste of the sugar is a little overpowering. Hmmmm.
So I purchased this book in the hope it might provide a new take on healthy cakes. One cake down and I'm quite impressed. It's called lemon drizzle but really should be something more like "maple syrup, apricot, lemon drizzle". Although that sounds horrible its not and its really rather delicious. Suddenly I feel inspired to bake again.

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