Sunday, 26 May 2013

Jonzac market

I cannot believe we are still having to light the wood burner in May. I know, I know, everyone is moaning about this but it's just so annoying. To make matters worst after the sunshine arrived in April I put all my winter clothes away thinking I wouldn't need a big jumper until autumn. Now, I could just go and find that bag of clothes in the cupboard but I'm so far trying to ignore the weather (and layering t-shirts on t-shirts like crazy)

In other news, I visited the Jonzac food market on Friday morning. it's only five minutes down the road and never fails to disappoint a foodie like me. It's an absolute riot of colour and stacked high with delicious produce, much of it local. So much fun but as I have learnt in the past I definitely have to a take a shopping list with me as little old French ladies have sharp elbows and a tendency to queue jump so you need to be focused or the shopping can take hours.

I've finally reached the next colour in my Bluefaced Leciester Rainbow blanket. I'm two months behind as this is March's colour but the moss stitch is looking great. Photo's to come.

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