Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mixed bag

It's been a mixed bag of a week weather-wise here in the Charente Maritime. Blue skies and sunshine one minute quickly followed by bruised ones and down pours. It always seems to rain when we are concreting so I blame my husband. Anyway, the last floor of phase one of the gites went in yesterday so I'm forecasting better weather for next week.

The next door farmer seeding our small field with grass. I have plans to plant olives here (maybe)

We made banana milk shakes to cheer us up on a wet afternoon. (Please don't be under the illusion the sparklers come out for every milkshake this was a break glass in emergency pick-me-up situation) seemed to do the trick.

Someone has a big 5 birthday coming up and we are planning a pirate themed birthday. So we cracked open the face paints and discussed party games in full pirate banter.

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