Friday, 10 May 2013

Purple haze

More wonderful flowers from the garden. This time anemones and the first alliums. When I first starting planting the bulbs I wouldn't have believed just how many full vases of beautiful flowers I would be bringing into the house. It's already exceeded my expections. I just hope I can keep the momentum up. (But i guess any gaps I have can always be filled in next year)

A stowaway. Now back in the garden.

Another week of not much crafting. The sewing machine is being pesky tension wise and I need to fiddle with it when I have some free time but with all the extra bank holidays here in France it has meant the kids have been off school since Tuesday and I have been doing my best just to tread water.

On a crafty note though I have been inspired to whip up one of these lovely tanks  after reading this blog. I love the idea of making my own clothes. I mean, really, it's just so cool to drop this into a conversation. "Oh you like my top. This old thing, I MADE it last week". Although if it actually turns out well I will be so proud of it i will be telling everyone I meet I made my top. French farmer neighbours included :)

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