Friday, 12 July 2013

Knitted baby blanket

At last a crafty post. A knitted baby blanket with a pretty fabric binding for a new baby girl our friends had this week. 

Elsewhere the kids have been making robots with Polly. The supermarket and the art shop in town had both run out of paint (clearly a lot of parents had the same idea for the holidays) so we ended up having to use fluorescent paint. Disco robots. Plus Miss B's has a huge Andy Murray photo on his tummy due to all the newspaper coverage. Very current.

In the "terrible two" corner things continue to be a nightmare  challenging. Well they don't call it terrible for nothing you know although we have managed to have some fun moments in amoungyst the tears, frustration and tantrums. Thank goodness for Postman Pat on YouTube. That ginger haired postman and his cat are single handily responsible for me keeping hold of my sanity at some of the more testing points this week.

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