Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Good start to the week..

My super little trio of Legbar hens has started laying. They must have heard me moaning to the next door farmer Bruno the other evening (in terrible French I must add!) that I probably wouldn't get any blue eggs from them until the new year. Bruno, is a giant of a man, lover of all nature and who always seems to stop and chat many eggs am I getting? Oh it's too hot/too cold for the French can just about keep up with a lot of gesticulations thrown in. Anyway, after our little chat and as if by magic I found a perfect blue egg in amongst the others. I felt like running after Bruno who had driven off in his car but I think he would have thought I was a mad English woman making her three children go for a run down the road. I will catch him another day.

We've had a friend who is a Landscape Gardener in London staying for a few days and planning the main courtyard layout with us. We've chosen some great trees and plants and the drawings look great so now all we have to do is create it.......anyone got a magic wand going spare? it's going to be a lot of hard work but its going to look awesome. I'm excited.


  1. stupid neighbourhood rules and an even more stupid dog stop me from having hens... BUT if I could... I would definitively want blue eggs.

    Sooo pretty! Are you blowing it and keep it?

    1. I love the blues too! Thanks for your comment and I might try my hand at blowing them for Easter