Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Monster Breakfast

My kids are only little so probably won't be staying up late on Halloween. 
So I came up with the idea of a Monster Breakfast to make the day special.

Here's the boiled egg with cosy knitted hat. I put Star toasts on the side and made a spooky spider spoon (pipe cleaners). Plus you can always rely on the Washi Tape to turn the egg cup Halloweeny (not sure thats an actual word but you know what mean)

And of course no Monster Breakfast is complete without boogey popcorn.

And if that doesn't bring a smile to their faces you can always rely on the cat to help.......

By the way this cat thinks he is a dog so he is happy to play along.......although he did ask for his face not to be shown in this photo........

Mum: Pearl better watch out, she's next

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