Saturday, 22 February 2014

Angoo tape

I've spent most of yesterday with my face two inches from alot of skirting board, painting and wearing a rather bright orange boiler suit (very London Fashion Week chic? non?) so I was happy to have the distraction of this little parcel. I'm slightly obsessed with pretty Angoo tape (so are my girls, in fact perhaps a little too much as they keep 'borrowing' it) Might have to hide this little lot or it will never make it to the other side of half term.

 I did make this splendid carrot cake this week. All gone now but everyone wants me to bake another one over the weekend.

Two weeks of half term have just begun with these three monkeys. I have fun worksheets at the ready, cress heads to make and a few other things up my sleeve. Happy weekend!


  1. The tape looks fun - where do you get if from? Enjoy half term I'm sure yourthree monkeys will.

    1. No doubt they will! I bought the Angoo tape on ebay. Thanks for your comment