Sunday, 13 July 2014

Schools out......

I'm not going to lie, last week was emotional.....yes.....stressful....yes....long days.....yes.....hard work....most definitely yes.

Next week it all gets easier (that's the plan) and hopefully a bit more fun for the kids being the second week of the summer holidays. We have friends coming over, a day to the beach planned and hopefully and slower pace and a little bit less stress in my general direction.

Anyway, we did do a few nice things this week-

Apricot cake (sugar free) was baked.

I learnt that a green ink pad + a 3 year old + wishful thinking that he was being good in the playroom =

Apparently he's a dinosaur just incase you didn't know.

I bought this wilderbeast head from a brocante. Its huge and I had to walk for a long way back to the car with it but I think its great...

The kids made a beetle/snail 'hotel' in the garden

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